This video makes me kinda sort ashamed to be American.

Here we have Psy, who’s now world famous because of Gangnam Style, being interviewed by some of the hosts of the Today Show.  

Psy’s Gangnam Style is a song that serves as a light-hearted but legitimate critique on the vanity, pomp, and shallowness that is the life of wealthy Koreans.   Here we have the interviewers talking, well, about none other than vanity, pomp, and shallowness.  Topless photos this, new hairdo’s that, blah blah blah.  They conclude his formal interview within seconds, then proceed to pretty much exclude him (save for a few moments) from participating in the discussion of the news topics that were to follow.

Nobody took him seriously.

I don’t know..  these media savvy producers should have been aware of the irony that would’ve taken place throughout the interview.  Maybe NBC is trying to make a statement about consumerism or capitalism?

Maybe they just don’t respect him.

I don’t know.