That moment when,

an abstract math class (Math 61), of all things, ends up coming in really handy for another class (Econ 101).  For you guys who think math will never help you out in life, you just gotta think outside the box.  It actually helps much more than you think.

We’re learning about game theory in Econ right now.  That shit’s straight up crazy.  We’re straight up modeling the behavior of rational human beings, yo.  When you really really break it down, it’s all about probability, induction, and reverse induction (deduction?)—which is where all the abstract math and proof-building comes in.

What’s game theory, you say?  Well, it’s exactly how it sounds:  it’s a theory about “games.”  Think of conflict resolution, but on steroids.  What’s the best strategy for playing some “game,” regardless of what other players do?

A “game” could be anything:  some conflict, a decision in your life, or an actual game-game.  Players can be whoever happens to be involved and can affect the outcome.