Swimming at UCLA vs. Swimming at 24 Hour Fitness + afterthoughts

24 Hour Fitness:  I’m usually the fastest guy there, and by a damn good margin, too.  It’s a 25 yard, high-school-sized short-course pool.  For a 400yd free, my pace is roughly 17-19 seconds per 25 yards.  

UCLA:  I get my ass smoked by old people, and I’m slightly above average in speed.  It’s a 50 meter, olympic-sized long-course pool.  For a 400mfree, my pace is roughly 45-50 seconds per 50 meters.

Yeah yeah I know, I’m not that fast for a swimmer, but the difference in how I usually measure up against the average swimmer at each locale is just staggering.

It’s kinda cool to see how far I’ve come, though.  Back when I first started swimming, I could barely manage 19 seconds for a 25-yard freestyle sprint—now it’s my default pace for a 400 yard free at a chill pace.  My 400 yard pace was roughly 30-35 seconds per 25 yards when I first started too, so it’s nice to see that time cut down significantly.

Not bad for a guy who doesn’t do intense sprint or speed-building drills, right?  

Forreal tho, I think I should start on that speed-building business. I trained maybe 15-20 times with my high school swim team during my senior year, just enough to get the strokes down, and only did maybe 2-3 legit afternoon-length workouts.  In short, I never really got the speed conditioning that most swimmers get in high school.

Well, I have 5 weeks of Session C left before academic hell starts again at UCLA, so let’s see if I could cut those times down by a few seconds.  

Maybe I should double the workouts too and regain some of that muscle I lost in high school.  3200m per day, anyone?  

Fuck, that sounds disgusting[ly boring] already.  Whatever, I’ll try it once, and see how I feel afterwards.  You know, it’s not even the distance that makes me roll my eyes—it’s the amount of patience it takes to actually swim those two miles.  Swimmers will know what I mean.  You’re just going back and forth, mostly underwater, trying to think of the randomest shit on earth to pass the time.  Sure, you’re in pain a good amount of the time, but that’s just an afterthought—you get used to it.  I mean, that shit’s gonna be at least an hour and a half of swimming, not including the short breaks I take between sets…