Think about what you say to people. Think really hard. If you have EVER anonymously messaged someone, or bullied someone online or in person, you’re a killer. You may not have been holding the gun. You may not have shoved the bottle of pills down their throat, or slit their wrists, or put the rope around their necks, but YOU. KILLED. THEM. The words that came from your mouth, or from your fingertips, they killed them. 

Can you live with that? Is that something you want on your plate? Is that something you can think about to allow yourself a better nights sleep? 


Then don’t fucking do it. Don’t EVER bully someone. Don’t EVER make someone feel like they aren’t good enough, or that they can’t measure up, or that what or who they are is wrong. Because YOU are wrong. 

I’m just gonna leave this here for some of you guys.

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