Aug 19


Aug 18

This past weekend,

I can’t help but be grateful for this camping trip.  

Learned A LOT about camping, bonded with the coworkers, and most importantly, learned a few really really important things about myself.

Getting away from technology, even if it’s just for a few short days, can do wonders for the mind and body. 

Aug 09

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Jul 29


summertime stresstime.


I didn’t think it would become such a thing.

Jul 23


a kickass workout day.  It’s been a bitch scheduling it into my summer schedule but it feels damn good to push myself again.  

Definitely got to relieve a good amount of stress, and it’s something that’s been bottling up for awhile; hopefully I can get back into being consistent.  Seeing as how these next few months are gonna pan out, I’m gonna need it.  


Jul 05

Of course,

nobody really cares in the end.

Jun 18

It’s only been a few days since graduation,

And real life has already decided to smack me right across the face.

Gotta buckle the fuck down for these next few months.

Jun 01

Aside from an amazing Wednesday practice and post-banquet-dinner turnups, this has probably been one of the shittiest weeks of my college career.

Thank you to those who have helped me get through it.

May 30

Haven’t had real sleep in 26 hours.