Apr 20


Capped off one of the more stressful weeks of my college career with one hell of a kickass day at UB.

It’s crazy—it feels like yesterday when I first started dancing on this team, and all of a sudden I’ve just competed at the final major dance competition of my college career.

Time flies, yo.

Anywho, back to the sleep thing.

I’m not setting an alarm to wake up tomorrow. The exhaustion is too real, and I feel like, for once, I definitely deserve a good night’s rest.

Apr 16

Illness, sleep deprivation, soreness, and overall sheer physical exhaustion. 24/7.

Yup, this is one hell of a long week.

Apr 09

Dafuq bro,

it’s not even the end of week 2 and I’m already stressing balls.  Spring quarter ain’t no joke, yo.  

Just gotta push through till UB.  After that, things should be chiiiiiillllll.

Apr 02

Mar 29

So that magnitude 5.1 earthquake.

I had just arrived at the gym when it struck, and I happened to be in the middle taking a piss.  Yeah.  I thought somebody was going HAAAM on the deadlifts, but alas.  Kept my control tho, thankfully.  

And then they issued a mandatory evacuation of the gym, so we had to wait outside for a good 15-20min whilst they checked to make sure it was safe to go back inside.  

Sure enough, they issued the all clear, and we all proceeded to go back into the gym to carry on with our workouts.  

I felt the urge to take a pre-workout poop, so I went into stall to take care of business.  And then a motherfucking strong-ass aftershock struck.  Yeah.  Not fun.  Very awkward.

I took that one as a sign not to work out, and considering the high likelihood of more noticable aftershocks in the coming hour, I decided it was safest to just go home.  Not trying to drown or have the pool floor crack beneath me, nawmsayin’.  

But yeah man, that earthquake + afterschock experience.  Pretty interesting.  

Mar 28

Open, Blunt, and sometimes even uncomfortable conversations,

I live for those.  So many interesting ideas get exchanged, and you tend to learn a few interesting perspectives on certain aspects of life.  The tension is real, and it adds a unique dimension of excitement to the conversation.

Mar 25



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Mar 23

Oh, and another thing.

hate spitting game, at least with people I barely even know.

It feels so goddamn fake (even if alcohol is involved), and I just feel like I’m not being myself.  

I’d rather just wait for more genuine circumstances.

Mar 18


I think I blew it on that one.

Oh well.

Mar 14